Lâg Roxane Standard RS1000
Lâg Roxane Standard RS1000

Roxane Standard RS1000, LP-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Roxane Master France series.

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ticoq 06/30/2005

Lâg Roxane Standard RS1000 : ticoq's user review


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French guitar is the most important to point out I think.
For the rest, cf. manufacturer's website, much more accurate than me.
The materials are high quality, careful assembly.


The handle is unusual. It must be taken in hand to understand. It depends on you it may be the face of everyone, but for my part, I never found such comfort!
It was more like a Gibson neck that Fender, provided I would not trade against an American.
Access to the treble is very satisfactory. The guitar is not any light but well balanced, but again it depends on how it's done. The form is new to me. There was a little time to adapt. I play mostly standing today on my old electric (Stratocaster Mexico). Posed on a stool, she clings to the body differently.
The guitar sounds without being plugged in, this is the result of knowledge of luthiers Lag! The choice of wood is treated, it feels.
Only small downside, the color: it is very bellen but I liked having the black border on the photo around the body. Rather, it is for me a beautiful color dégradéd'une wood damage.


The range of sounds is vast thanks to a combination of sh1 / sh4 (whose reputation is second to none) to a system of micro splits. All three positions associated with the selector and a tone very effective ... we must take time to tame the very good to realize this potential.
I played on a Vox modeling amp of 30 watts. ... Marriage is successful, it is the least we can say. All for a price below the skyscrapers for which I went to Paris, another French, inaccessible.
The microphone is serious in its super-efficient light distos well rounded and are keen on the mind-blowing!
Sometimes the rhythms are not always balanced between bass and treble, to try based on your attack.


I've had an ego and a half. What I like? Her femininity is a real skyscraper!
I tried 5 or 6 models before buying.
The price / quality ratio seems very correct and I referrer choice.
Guitar to try (on an amp qulaité!) Before buying another girl.