Lâg RX 120
Lâg RX 120

RX 120, LP-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Electrane series.

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keltic29 03/15/2005

Lâg RX 120 : keltic29's user review


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Asian manufacturing of a guitar designed in France. This allows us to dlocalisation accder a guitar priced quality COMPTITE trs.
The site is rich in GAL information about the technical specifications of this guitar.


Channel trs fast and enjoyable. However, I will lower the string height, the plant rglage as a bit too high for me but it's a matter of personal habit.
Get a good sound? with microphones and split sparment, calculate the number of possibilities:
First single, 2 double, 1 double, 2 singles, 1 and 2 singles, 1 and 2 double, not to mention that you can put the volume of the two microphones zero if we do not want to play with a single microphone that can be put in double or single depending on the effect DSIR. Even when it is not bad, right?


I have this guitar for a week. The Elixir strings fitted as original, I did not know (I'm primarily keyboard), so I inquired about what c'tait. So these are the strings of quality that the manufacturer installed on the production: trs saw. I t lgret tonn of the instrument: 3 kg (I weighed) against 3.2 kg in my Yam 112 Pacifica, the LAG will come complete ter.


Add nothing to the opinion given by GREG59494. It's quite CHARACTERISTICS cern of this guitar, and I am 99% agree with him: a great price guitar COMPTITE trs. The missing 1% on the balance of the instrument. When you loose the handle, the guitar is a little dsquilibre: it is a remark which also made on the t RX 100 and RX 200. So, you think it's normal and probably the position of the button attachment of the strap is fixed on the horn suprieure, horn is small, but that The charm and the look of this guitar. Choose a strap so that although the flu garments. I find it weird also that lag does not communicate the fact that the coils are double and split. Go, may be they do not know, it's probably a stroke of Asians who have misunderstood the specifications, but in any case we are not complain. (No, just kidding ...). Go try it, and All Black Satin finish, it requires.