Peavey Odyssey Telecaster
Peavey Odyssey Telecaster

Odyssey Telecaster, LP-Shaped Guitar from Peavey in the Odyssey series.

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eelam 11/08/2005

Peavey Odyssey Telecaster : eelam's user review


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Guitar handmade from United States, 24 frets 2 humbuckers + switch split.
Roros 500 purchase with the bridge pickup seymour sh-4 and the handle of origin (presumably brand peavey). The bridge is a Gotoh TunOmatic and electronic type is paul.Manche The driver and jumbo frets .
THE FIRST Ds grip there is first the quality of the finish: beautiful table, and inserts a-gogo no traces of glue or other short dtails navrants.En a very fine instrument.


The handle is a conductor rgal: a real highway, neither too big nor too late in any case it is my little mimines.L 'Access in acute is also very easy and we are left without being report a teasing Most recent internship frets without gene.La lead guitar is balance, lgre enough (even if I prfre heavy guitars) lespaulienne form (even with PRS one pan shot is enjoyable as sitting upright.
So this is an easy instrument to play and it takes trs quickly.


I play rock / metal and setup microphone is perfect for me: the SH-4 is scabby and slamming while the handle is round while remaining trs prcis (we can say jazzifiant). But to play the death of IDAL is not sound because the output level is not huge (well I play my motion jm'en not death!).
On my Peavey head (I have done in. expr) the sound is frankly good trs typ Hard-rock while remaining prcis and Dfine: a treat! With the split, plus a nice hum, it sounds less heavy accde trs but usable (without sounding like the real simple). Honntement you can play many styles and this is Pitit trs versatile even if the rock / hard rock remains his favorite playground (it must be said that my right hand attack is something to do :-).
In short, it sounds race ...


It's been a year and a half that this guitar is my main instrument and I'm really happy (especially for Roros 500!). She is beautiful, dsirable (er..) And whines like a mad dog!
Only dtail just sucks: the inlay on the handle chelou forcment not my taste but it is ultimately a dtail.Bon 9 because if I find a better scratch would jluis 10 (though I jou on a lot of guitars (gibson'fender ..).. it's been 12 years since I itches).
If you find OCCAZ to throw you over because it is really a good choice.