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Little_Paco 04/14/2009

Vintage VR100 : Little_Paco's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Then e small mahogany guitar (an Asian varit mahogany) with a touch of rosewood, 22 frets, a handle al. The bridge and the type simplissime not know how I was called in French ... Virtually no rglage except height. Mcas manual lubrication of a plastic nut A veritable.
A micro style P90 (P100 finally makes sense because it is having a small coil to turn the hum), a volume a tone.

The key in all simplicity. Or likes it or not, but it sure is a bit spartan.


The handle is round and big enough (I find) super pleasant, with highs CASC is very easy.
Ergonomics are good, the guitar is balance (therefore not as sg) and many RULES, the guitar is lgre, it may be missing a small chamfer the rear to give the guitar a little better when playing standing calle.

Well if you get a good sound without difficulty given the limited rglage.

Small default when the same are not really gniales: Mechanical, wilkinson yet .... I think this is the type of mechanical vintage is a bit more than the offending even manufacture it. That it is always outdoors, the night should fall slightly faster deveindrait has galleys.


Then an excellent sound to play a little punk rock group was well clear of the mix, it is biting. This guitar ragit Fawn excellent dynamics, the more you scratch sends a strong and more particularly are more boards, mediums, so the more it seems to roar.
In fact when you scratch the strongest distortion becomes more and more presents, and it appears more and more of the mix. Excellent except that we must not rest on it, because it requires to be violent roar.

Good recess the sonic palette is not a copy versatility, but the two buttons to get interesting variations.

The clean bin is not bad although the output level is so fast that the sound nag crunchouiller trend.


I've had it four months, I love her super wild, Drange me a bit what are the concerns, varnish with some default or sag, bands that might be a little smoother nothing but e redibitoire. The base is good violin is essentially the guitar vibrates very little has its character.

The ratio quality price is 230 euros in excellent mag. Exprience I would do with a choice of gender, can be a C77, and I hesitate may be a form of SG type, but finally I found that this double cutaway LP form a slurry incredible.
In any case the concept a P90 + stringed mahogany is really extra, super deuxime guitar for me.