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josue.caleb 10/12/2011

Xaviere XV-500 : josue.caleb's user review

«  Great, makes you want to play. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Country? China perhaps? considering the price.
Copy to an LP, even feeling that my Gibson LP Studio.
She is beautiful in Lemon Drop, flamed table and back in one piece.
On mine there are excesses of paint under the varnish and the binding.
The contours are very cheap microphone, guitar fairly supermarket.
The handle is in two parts, a diagonal seam is at the second break;
The head is strengthened, so less fragile.
Micro Gsf Crunch, Big surprise, very progressive in the clear pitcher.
At € 200 the price of a good pair of microphones with Xaviere you have a pair of good mics + guitar!


With eyes closed you feel at Gibson.
Good run, well regulated.
The weight is close to a Standard: 3.5 Kilos.


Big surprise! It sounds great for its price. It makes you want to play.
The microphone is very versatile acute as very progressive.
The micro serious is balanced it does not saturate in the bass.
I took a micro Gsf Mean 90 into position for Acute, but ultimately it is on my Studio; the Xaviere sounds great like that.
I play on two amps in parallel so SRV.
If the level finish is not lacquered top, level sounds nothing to do with a beginner guitar.


After a month of use no surprises, always the same desire to play.
I also have an Ibanez ARC 500 with a flamed finish nickel - chromium, but
sounds cool.
It is not better than my Gibson Studio, but again it makes you want to play.
I had to wait five weeks before delivery; Guitarfetish In their catalog
is outdated. The model ordered was not available, a guitar type TV in the beginning, I pulled on the XV500.
Price / quality ratio: Super satisfied.
So big surprise. My Xaviere is not for sale.

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