Xp copie Les Paul
Xp copie Les Paul

copie Les Paul, LP-Shaped Guitar from Xp.

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albou 02/05/2014

Xp copie Les Paul : albou's user review

«  A stroke of luck can be ... »

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I bought this guitar in 2008, from folk guitar to electric. It was a copy of Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty and all, I must admit, I cracked.
I knew nothing yet electric guitar (not brands) and I therefore had no a priori.
The only brand with any website (apart from the filled negative about her opinion forums), I'd settle for what I could see, and hear.
It is therefore a copy of the famous Gibson Les Paul. Bolt body with a profile resembling that of a SG therefore, very comfortable considering the price, on the other hand, it was not completely bent like most others of the same brand, but not a model of rigor . The table was rounded, but impossible to know what were the wood guitar. Mechanical certainly were not in an oil bath. 2 humbuckers, a tone and volume each and a 3-position selector. Les Paul clone (quality and settings unless, of course).
When we are faced with a copy of Les Paul, it is generally known or goes.


As mentioned above, the handle was perfect for a passage 'fresh' acoustic power. I learned to play the electric guitar on this, and although it was a low end instrument I have not struggled to get used to. The guitar was less severe than that which inspired it (surely the wood), but is still felt good. Access to acute was correct, by the lespaulienne cutting. By this guitar I have seen the impact that may have stuck to sustain handle (microphones very average there are many of course ...). Christian charity, we do not address the mechanical tuning stability at a bend too energetic.
I remember conventional configurations and a suitable instrument for the price.


The seller had recommended me for his lack of versatility (Haha!) Advising me a strat type of the same brand that was just awful in every way.
Electronics are of poor quality, should be avoided at all costs touching the knobs. As for pickups, they looked more likely to single coil. The neck pickup had a pretty good definition in his clear and adequate sustain the pickup were sometimes a little too loud in distortion (typical microphones simple ^ ^) and lacked body in the clear, however, it was really not bad distos crunch and not too hard.
I must say that the amp was at the guitar, so no surprise to wait.
Ultimately, the strings buzzed and a more or less audible hum has always been present. The overall sound was ok, nothing less.


I used this guitar for over two years, and I do not regret having bought ... or be separated from me ^ ^
I made weapons over and I discovered the joys of saturation. I had the opportunity to try some other quality models roughly equivalent, but this is the one I chose to look, and it turns out that I had a chance, on any course , falling on a not too bad XP.
The quality / price was right (150 € for it ...), but with experience I do not do this choice recess. I choose probably an Epiphone or Squier for better guarantees settings ... perhaps.
In summary, an average guitar whose brand does not offer any information. The kind of instrument that fills the stands pawnbrokers.
Instead, I recommend going to a real store where you will surely inform better, and where the after sales service will be included in the price.

Anyway, I was lucky, but it could be that you do not. So be reasonable that devil!