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anton.kald 10/31/2014

Wittner QM-2 métronome : anton.kald's user review

«  Obsolete »

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Purchased there over 25 years, at the time it was the class, but it is better today.

While it is robust and very practical: you can access the entire range of tempos available in a turn of the wheel.
But hey, you are stuck on standard tempos, which is not suited to contemporary music. Some devices now allow us to increment bpm bpm, which is much more accurate (and more useful).

This gives us the metronome 440, great. Today there are tuners everywhere amps, pedals, smartphone ...

In the end, I remember the orange LED was not powerful enough to be sufficiently visible (the eye had to get used to after a few minutes, and yet convenient visual reference is lost).

The "tock" is powerful enough, at least to play an acoustic instrument. Today metronomes offer some patterns depending on the time signature used: this guide even better.

In short, this product has had its day, but it can still help.