Samson Technologies 7kit

7kit, Microphone Package from Samson Technologies.

Meantime 02/05/2004

Samson Technologies 7kit : Meantime's user review


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3 microphones toms, a snare mic, a bass drum mic and 2 overheads static 48 V
for 350, seems incredible!


I have used on two studio recordings.
Your exact poustouflant is considering the price! overheads are for TRS, the bass drum microphone has a sound standard.
Nothing in the micro repisse snare drum, which is trs comfortable.
As against the microphone snare alone is not terrible, it must be complter with a lot of overheads if it is a bit dull.
Toms mics are your exact but not excellent on toms and alto medium.
By saying anything against the floor tom.

The bindings seem trs solid and we regret that we should as much force to snap the microphones on the rims of toms and snare.

Conclusion: If you do not have deep pockets, go for it! with a little rglages and positioning you will get an excellent sound.