Behringer U-Control UMA25S
Behringer U-Control UMA25S

U-Control UMA25S, MIDI + Audio Keyboard Controller from Behringer in the U-Control series.

Sikosis 10/14/2014

Behringer U-Control UMA25S : Sikosis's user review

« A fun bit of kit »

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I was looking for something portable but functional. I'm mainly a guitar player so I didn't want to spend a fortune on a controller - so I was looking at the entry level market but still with enough features and functions that it was usable as a composition tool and controller.

The fully assignable knobs and 25 keys were the main technical features, and the knobs work really well. The keys are pretty average I guess, but it's definitely a step up from my laptop keyboard.

The other characteristic that motivated my choice was the size. It's very light and so is good for me as I am currently abroad. I was able to take it abroad with me and take it around so I can still work on music whilst away from home.

The unit connects to my laptop via USB and is also USB powered (so no extra power source required). The midi functionality works via the USB and the unit also functions as an audio interface, so that meant there was one less thing to bring (in theory).

The audio interface itself is not great. I find the sound distorts so I use a separate audio interface, which I already had (and was about three times the price of this unit). So that is something to bear in mind - if you're buying this and expecting to be able to monitor the sound via this unit you may want to think again. I still think for the price this is a good unit though.


This is a simple USB powered, plug in a play midi controller. All of the knobs are fully assignable so you can set each knob to a parameter on your DAW. This is great for controling effects in real time and it's amazing what you can come up with just by playing around with this.

You also have controls to control playback and record, which is very handy. Also included are some CDs with a free DAW and a heap of VST plug ins. I use Logic so I haven't used these but if you're using this device as an entry level controller and don't have a DAW it could be a good entry level choice (although Logic is so cheap now I would probably recommend you save another couple of hundred bucks).

If you have even a basic understanding of using controllers this should be a very simple unit to setup and operate.


What I like about this is the ease and simplicity of use. I just plug in and play. I can easily control effects in real time. Recording is very easy. The keys although average are adequete for what I am doing.

The unit is light and feels a bit cheap but I am not taking this out live and it gets looked after. No damage so far. I also like the bright red finish. It looks really cool and because it is light it feels like you can throw it around and have fun with it. It feels like a toy so whatever I do with it feels like fun, whereas if I'd bought a more expensive unit I maybe would feel like I'd have to make more serious music.

It also comes with a carry case so there is some protection if you do decide to use it live. I guess again you can go out and gig with this unit with a lot less stress than if you're carting an expensive Nord or something around with you.

I think for the price this is a great controller. It's simple to use, it looks cool, it's light and you can use it anywhere. If this is your main instrument maybe get something a bit more professional, but if it's an extra bit of kit for your arsenal then I think it's a lot of fun.