apriliorange 05/28/2010

M-Audio ProKeys Sono 61 : apriliorange's user review


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It's a keyboard control but also a USB sound card with stereo line input, instrument input (guitar) and microphone input.
All mixable by potentiometer on the keypad.
In choosing him as my computer's sound output mix it's own internal sounds and that of the ordinary.
So I can monitor (hear) a tutorial on youtube and play along with it to learn.
I can also mute the internal and use a plugin for other sounds. Therefore passes through the usb in both directions MIDI control plugin and the sound ... not bad:)

It is also a sound generator.
The main sounds (excluding GM bank) are nice. The GM bank is good for children (the sound effects and all instruments in part).

Two headphone jacks in front, a supply by USB only, it is very convenient.
The touch is nice, different from the axiom (and much better, less plastic and less friction).

The quality of finish and overall good, it feels solid.


Impeccable, mac osx and it connects it all, everything is automatically recognized.

It should print the pdf that shows the commands associated with buttons on the keyboard (5 octaves).

The velocity curve is adjustable (3 modes).


1 month

The Novation Xio is only 49 keys, otherwise it is not bad too.