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nelepourfendeur de gnoux 03/14/2012

M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 : nelepourfendeur de gnoux's user review

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conectivité usb noon and 88 notes


the config is basic and simple to use one branch we play point.
the South are manip moyennent better go via a PC


concert pianist and former piano salesman, I Fallais a MIDI keyboard to play with no place to host an acoustic piano. At the time of my purchase I was very limited in terms of budget and I could not exceed 300 euro, which has seriously reduced my choix.J 'so I choose without trying it on that prokey sono.Sachan nothing beats a real piano touch for the same or digital piano keyboards very high quality, I wanted an instrument to play every day. I use it on stage and coupled to a laptop i 2.4 mghz core 5a (600 euro). The prokey walk very well use in home studio and on stage. easy to transport and install, connecticque asser complete, internal sound card of good quality but I have to change an m audio externe.Coter soninterne supplied with the keyboard you forget they are crap. The keyboard responds well whatever keys move a little sideways. it remains a weighted keyboard and not heavy.
Overall I'm happy I will change the keyboard for a studiologicvmk 188 for a heavy touch now that I Aiun little over average.
I would do this choice without hesitation.