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IK Multimedia released the iRig Pads Editor

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IK Multimedia iRig Pads Editor
News IK Multimedia iRig Pads Editor

MIDI Editor from IK Multimedia

Public price: free

IK Multimedia offers iRig Pads owners a free software editor for Mac OS X and Windows that allows for customizing the universal MIDI controller.

The iRig Pads Editor features a GUI with a single window in which you’ll reassign controls, save and edit global settings and individual scenes and transfer them to the controller. You can assign MIDI messages to any button, knob, pad and slider, the editor also supports for external controller connected to the iRig pads, such as an expression pedal or a footswitch.

The iRig Pads Editor support MIDI note, program change, control change, MIDI System Real Time and MIDI Machine Control messages.

The software offers various configuration modes:

  • Note mode to assign MID channel and note to be transmitted, with Temporary and Toggle mode options that determine the way notes will be played when pressing/releasing the pads
  • The Toggle Mode can be useful to trigger loops (they will be played until you press the pad again) and send two different messages from a single button or pad (to change preset, loop or effect parameter for instance)
  • Program Change mode to transmit fixed or dynamic Program Change messages ; it also supports the Toggle Mode to switch between two Program Change numbers from a single control
  • Control Change mode to assign continuous control messages such as volume, pan or expression, or assign CC numbers to parameters on a device controlled by the iRig Pad (synth, looper, effect processor or virtual instrument) ; transmitted values can be variable

To download the iRig Pads Editor, log in to your user account at www.ikmultimedia.com.


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