Octamed OCTAMED 5.4
Octamed OCTAMED 5.4

OCTAMED 5.4, MIDI Editor from Octamed.

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voicetrack 08/30/2008

Octamed OCTAMED 5.4 : voicetrack's user review


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I use it only on the Amiga.

It is easy to install.

The config with a 16 bit Amiga is not great but it's not the interest either.

I never looked at the manual.


6Mo/14mhz/HD110Mo Amiga 1200 and then subsequently 18Mo/60mhz/CompactFlash256Mo do not laugh, he has had six years to Windows and MacOS for a system as perforamant the good old Amiga Workbench (and again, not all)

The app works just the same and won again in computing speed samples.

This is a sample tracker twelve o'clock, his best voice sampling mode is 4 and the rest by noon.

This app turns frighteningly good performance and multitasking are amazing (when you think the A1200 is a machine which dates from the early 90 ...).

Possibility of torturers pretty awesome samples, work samples and calculating the while playing a sequence and even while playing Heux same samples!

Classic Edition partition or colones.


This is the best tracker ever! I do not know the PC version