reKon Audio  VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor
reKon Audio VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor

VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor, MIDI Editor from reKon Audio.

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mailbox.encore 01/09/2012

reKon Audio VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor : mailbox.encore's user review

" A good tool ..."

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After paying via PayPal I received within 5 minutes after an email with a link to download the software.
Installation is very simple, just run an executable.
The only trouble is that I could not use it until the next day because the key (a manually copy the directories to install the standalone executable and dll's VST) is apparently generated 'manually' ...

The doc 'en francais in the text is very well but it would be clearer with more screenshots at the routing noon. Description of such important parameters of the VST MIDI has set up for use with a VST host.


I have a quad-core PC under Windows 7-64 bit with 8 GB of RAM.
A drive system for SSD 250GB + Samsung 1TB one for soft music and a Hitachi 3GB for the sample banks.
The "sound card" is a Studio Konnekt 48 TC Electonics connected firewire on my machine and my Juno 106 is connected directly to the MIDI IN / OUT of the audio interface.

At the moment I have not found a latency issue or other and it works as expected. In short: "This is Broadway!"


How long have you use it?
I use this product then 3 days (!) Intensively.
I spent my weekend has to import all of my sound banks that were in my Juno on several tapes from 1985, date of purchase of my 106! and so it tell you if I was happy when I finished I was so afraid that they are unreadable.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I tried the excellent 'Librarian editor' <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>
which has the advantage of being free, but that is not a VST and does not function like creating nice patch with random parameters.

The special feature I like most is the fact that it is a VST and I can easily organize and recall my patch from my VST host.
The special feature I like least and non-import sysex file.

Value for price is right if you want absolutely the VST function. if we look only one tool to manage patch (copy / move / rename) the free tool from the URL above is just fine.

I should note though that I sent an email Saturday via the support page REKON AUDIO asking them if they thought implement some missing features in a future version of their software (including support SYSEX, creating a user forum for the exchange of its banks, etc.) and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a comprehensive email directly from the developer of this VST just on Sunday afternoon. They do not have 35 hours to US ... O)

With this short-but good (like what ...)- experience I think I would do this purchase with eyes closed without problems.