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emanaos 07/24/2004

Edirol UM-1 : emanaos's user review


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I needed to connect a computer with a MIDI keyboard.
The seller got over a.
It is a MIDI / USB cables Intgr twelve o'clock. Ideal for my situation.
I use it for 3 years without any worries.
I went from a mobile Duron, a fixed-PIV and a Centrino laptop, all under WinXP.


Drivers for WinXP are so stable that no day is like setting.
The UM-1 is always recognized the ignition.
It makes so little about her that I just forget it exists.
Whatever the software used has worked well.
No saturation, no problem li latency interface.


I give this opinion to that of moderate chanteur_% C3% A0_chier (http://chanteur_% C3% A0_chier) ENTSO that the MIDI cables are Intgr.
Personally, it's not rev high to me, and I do not need to put my keyboard of my computer 10 meters. On the contrary! I have the QWERTY keyboard and mouse on my keyboard matre poss.
The UM-1 is not intended for those who have full-expanders, but those who just need to control Cubase or another with a single keyboard matre.
In the latter case, the UM-1 is a perfect reliability.
For others, they must learn to read the CHARACTERISTICS of a product before buying it.