M-Audio Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition
M-Audio Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition

Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition, MIDI Interface from M-Audio in the Midisport series.

doc.ouahed 06/11/2014

M-Audio Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition : doc.ouahed's user review

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4 in - 4 out, I needed to start @ noon signal spliter. I knew that I need more output channels but to test, I started with ca.


very stable, no bugs, native support, no need for installation or other drivers ...

requiring 8 out noon, I actually saturai interface using many channels simultaneously. At the same time, use 25 channels of 4 output channels, ca ca stands that saturates ...


I used about 6 months before entering io 8. For small config or instru rere twelve o'clock, that's fine. For managing more than 4 simultaneous devices, I recommend an outlet channel machine noon.