Roland UM-One
Roland UM-One

UM-One, MIDI Interface from Roland.

AlanForPresident 06/28/2012

Roland UM-One : AlanForPresident's user review

« small and compact, worth the try »

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The roland UM One is a very basic and simple midi module that only allows for one midi connection via usb to your computer. This is Ideal for the traveling musician for use with a laptop. That is the only reason that I purchased it so I can switch it back and forth between my MuseBox and Midi keyboard when on the road. This midi interface is the most compact midi interface possible. It can be rolled up and fit right into your pocket like some small in ear headphones and you wont have to worry about it being damaged because there really isn’t anything to damage. Not to mention that it only cost around 40 bucks brand new, if you have a laptop that is semi good, then you will have no lag between the hardware and your computer when using the Roland UM One.


didnt have to update the driver.


The roland UM One is Very easy to setup, I didn’t even have to install a driver for some reason my computer just synced right up with it and pro tools is my daw or was at the time I was using this and it worked great and didn’t have any issues with it, I still own the Roland UM one and don’t use it that much anymore though because when I travel I tend to just bring more gear every since I purchase a nice travel case that I can put a lot of my gear in, so just one midi connection wont work for me anymore. But if you travel a lot and have a decent laptop with you and have midi gear than the Roland Um 1 will be perfect for you. It is a must by at 40 bucks what more could you really expect to get. You have nothing to lost with this little un damageable device.