ENGL Z-15 Midi Footcontroller
ENGL Z-15 Midi Footcontroller

Z-15 Midi Footcontroller, MIDI Pedal from ENGL in the Z series.

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JoCkEr_cyril 10/08/2008

ENGL Z-15 Midi Footcontroller : JoCkEr_cyril's user review


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I use it on a Marshall JVM 410H ... ben people has nothing to say except that it is the bomb ^ ^ a bank for each scratch ... the four channels are usable, and 3 modes too! explanations: the amp possde 4 channels (clean, crunch, OD1, OD2) and each channel has 3 modes: green, orange, red. colors reprsentent roughly a certain level of gain, from green to red ultra clean saturated ... So going back to pdalier, I can finally use all the channels with all modes ... gnial it! : D
if not at the pdalier is the ultra Balze ... a real weapon: D it's ultra blind arch ends well, trs sturdy, the buttons are super sturdy, the little notch scne sufficient and practical brief is the trs good stuff ... I tried a lot, so just blame him j'pourrai that the buttons are not DCAL, or two "advantages" as the boss ... if you have not Godasse prcise can crash but hey I chichhipotte!

trs's good, not at all .. j'regrette not only is reliable but has class and can be convenient in case of dispute ... A little engl grav in front argle a lot of things;)