Sony MZ-N707
Sony MZ-N707

MZ-N707, MiniDisc Deck from Sony in the MZ series.

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simonmauff 04/30/2007

Sony MZ-N707 : simonmauff's user review


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The Walkman Minidisc NetMD MZ-N707 is a Minidisc player-recorder from Sony in 2002, able to retrieve music from a computer via USB cable.
The Net MD Walkman MZ-N707 comes with the following accessories:
NiMH rechargeable battery NC-WMAA with housing
AC adapter
Charging cradle
Sony Headphones
Optical Cable
USB cable
Carrying case with belt clip
CD SonicStage / MD Simple Burner
This model is a Walkman player and recorder with the recording formats include:
SP (Atrac): 292 kbit / s
SP Monoraul (Atrac): 292 kbit / s
LP2 (ATRAC3): 132Kbit / s
LP4 (ATRAC3): 66Kbit / s
This model is equipped with an LCD, a headphone output, microphone input and a line-in analog / digital, but does not have line-out.

At sound reproduction, the MZ-N707 is very limited, being only equipped with a Digital Amplifier (not digital, not HD) and a 2-band EQ (Custom1, Custom2).
Listening level, the return esr quite "dull" compared, for example, the sound quality of MiniDisc Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH1, with limited precision in the treble, especially because of the limitation to playback formats SP, LP2 and LP4 are compression formats of audio ...

I have owned this model for 4 years and have sold 4 months ago now, to acquire the Minidisc Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH10 and MZ-RH1.

I bought the MZ-N707 priced at € 300 at the time, and today it is a price a bit excessive compared to prices today on models of MiniDisc player and recorder most successful and complete ...

I will not go with the experience that choice, because of the existence of Walkman MiniDisc Hi-MD technology!