Sony MZ-NH900
Sony MZ-NH900

MZ-NH900, MiniDisc Deck from Sony in the MZ series.

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ténor-ph 03/24/2006

Sony MZ-NH900 : ténor-ph's user review


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A little good advice on the grill of a material that is lent me. These are just first impressions because I have not used very long.

Most of this material are numerous connection options, such as input: microphone, analog line, digital line. It is this last point that interested me to record directly to the digital optical output of a preamp / converter to capture rehearsals and concerts without lugging the DAT studio or a PC. In addition to the optical cable is supplied minijack format: super.

The less is not very ergonomic use (tiny keys) with an uncomplicated menu. Immersion in the documentation required very thick and does not sort the basics. Gaffe also scratches on the plexiglass of the screen.

No comparison with other audio devices except the DAT studio (not very portable).
On paper, there is not much comparable material for my particular purpose, other than the M-Audio MicroTrack that has a digital input line too or other much more expensive machines (equivalent to a portable DAT drive version drive or memory card).

Okay now the sound quality:
I made several tests to record spoken voice. The registration by the external microphone sony stereo advised (ECM-MS907), so while analog is already good. When switching to digital direct to the preamp / converter, the breath is below, but ultimately the difference is not obvious. As against the breath is more important when using the analog output of the preamp (ie the analog line of MD). Good afternoon, it was the microphones that make the difference and allows the preamp to the good static (which is not my case ....).

So for about € 200 (plus the price of the preamp), you have a solution for recording in digital quality "basic" (but almost equivalent to a portable DAT), with the ability to transfer files directly to a PC back home (good news for Sony finally allows the conversion to WAV format OpenMG in its latest version of SonicStage). With a DAT, an obligation to record "real time" (but digital) with a sound card or interface equipped with a digital input and a software like Audacity.