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jujupott 04/27/2012

Sony MZ-RH1 : jujupott's user review

" Very good player / recorder"

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Value For Money : Excellent
The value for money is excellent,
This format has unfortunately not been adequately followed and yet, thanks to the format containing 1g hi-md file, the format is more compressed and the quality is to go.
The ability to connect different, make this small jewelry handy in all circumstances especially as the battery like ten hours and you can buy real cheap.
I used it mainly for recording, with a whisk. Set apart from the fact that it records in 16bit 44.1 KHz, I was seductive.
I would do that choice without a doubt the quality of its preamp, and 1g md format that I find very safe.
A small flat anyway, the wheel selection is really too hassle to use, but as with everything, we made it.