Ashdown Five Fifteen MiniRig
Ashdown Five Fifteen MiniRig
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Ashdown Five Fifteen MiniRig : Anonymous 's user review


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Together 100w head + cabinet 2 x 10 inches
1 instrument input
3-band EQ (high, medium, severe)
Dual gain control (input and output)
Filter effect "deep" resonances for low
Ashdown VU meter
Ashdown BlueLine speakers
Input for CD or mp3
Headphone output
Sun of the cabinet (HxWxD): 90 x 51.5 x 33 cm
Weight of the cabinet: 28.5 kg






I have been using it only yesterday oh yeah, I have not yet had the opportunity to try many other models before buying this one, but I think you have enough experience in his to let me differentiate its clean another dirty.

So with regard to the sound, then its gets really chan'mé ... all settings combined sound that is extra income. A warm, round, typical british, Ashdown's all spit anything besides the quality of materials with her damn kitsch aesthetic. Really beautiful beast.

For the small flat (because nothing is perfect in life) I would say the squeaky plastoc handles at one point she made me believe they were dropping their first trip. Then perhaps head to finish that had the air badly stuck to his frame the first time I plug my jack 1 / 4, however I no longer had to hit this problem so far .

Here we are!