Behringer Ultrabass Power Pack 1
Behringer Ultrabass Power Pack 1

Ultrabass Power Pack 1, Other Bass Amplifier from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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fouineblanche 04/13/2009

Behringer Ultrabass Power Pack 1 : fouineblanche's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Note: I am not a noob! I know a lot of bass amps, I have 9 years of low and 5 years on stage. I'm in his 3 years as an amateur confirmed (I have 22 years) and I am among those who think a good table Soundcraft, Mackie, QSC amps or an amp Bass Ampeg, Hartke, Gallien Krueger, Mesa Boogie c ' is incomparable to any other category of stuff like this.
Already it's Behring, and for me all the stuff of entry should be like this.

BX300T transistor amplifier 300watt RMS head amp
the power of this amp and all just a monster! my neighbor came home one evening in tears (the house next to 75M from home)!

It is very powerful I really think the power is not a lie 300W real! It has potato at the amp but the amp is too powerful compared to the speakers! good in 99% of c normal but if you put it to block all saturates see explodes! but then if you put half the blaffles beginning to take an eyeful.

There is a ventillot of security ... the amp is safe.
It's been a year now and it has always provided BASTONI.

The sound is crystal clear without effects and properly adjusted.

The -: good effects Ultra bass are good but in the end it does more than anything brew, the other effects are a block of breath but never as an amp for this price is good.

For speakers: it's supposedly 1000Watts admisible and blablablabla home behringer! already good so it's peak count 500W rms at max ... (wholesale 300watt), which is already not at all!.
Housing for the plugs are great, you can do whatever you want with it!

For me the top with: a good head HArkey with this cabinet and there is wonderful. And the more saturation, nothing. If the amp is very unrealistic to see the price, the body is incredible for its price.

Level / power amp made the sound that has nothing to reproach himself. value for money unbeatable.

Note is given as a function of entry-level gear and that price if compared with the Gallien Krueger AC is 5 / 10 max


The setup is very simple: 2 son to connect, you press the button and it works! it actually gets a good sound, the sound is very good and the moment we have to go with the bass!
for me the book was non-existent! and a bid or pedal switch (footswitch) that I've ever seen! .... So Middle ...
on the other hand in relation to other amps like the same price and Rendall is the fact that behringer very strong, it all just POWDER, as some H & K entry-level ... Behringer is unbeatable for the price of his beats a lot of brand.
for the same price there is no equivalent for such a thing at this price.
for the scene is very good very good, a DI box, and one little easily use it to return to the bassist. There is even a box (line out, integrated Di) has the amp which makes it fantastic.


For that price is not better.
the sound is normal and that's what I wanted.

Note: with the ultrabass enabled to make and there are small problems of frequencies (he does not want) audible ... but nothing serious for me the ultra bass I m not used.

The note is always given according to this kind of product in relation to its price range!
FREQUENCY OF USE: 2H weekday and use almost all the time every weekend for 1 YEAR!


THEN WARNING: THIS PRICE FOR € 700 - 800 € ~ this is the top of the top. best value.

Deplus by experience, Behringer is great when it works. But after some after sale service is nonexistent. and Behringer is not super resistant and it depends on the series ...
Behringer me for my part it depends what you take. Mix the tables before 2002 is very good, I have one myself and it works hell and never broke down. For new I do not know, but after my friends in the m & c "# e!! Amps for sound forget! Is finally where he should forget it for the head amp SCRATCH and I have one and it's zero, rotten sound, nothing complicated, the effects of poor quality and useless!
BUT for this LOW for this amp was what I wanted. Cheap and efficiently.
I carry wherever I go. (A yes in fact it is ULTRA HEAVY!)
I do not really care ... and so far no breakage.

So I put a 7 / 10 because we can always do better but in this price range I do not know ....
Re! March 28, 2007. This amp still works as well, it is used in a music club in musicology at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, and the period of use is 10 hours per week. often transported from one room to another, plugged, unplugged, tortured ... and yet it still works as well, aucuun problems to highlight. Walk like the first day of use. Behringer mixers for I am not a fan, like the rest remaining in the field of functional and efficient but not there, the Germans made it clear, in any case, my home and it works no problems ... more friends.

RE! April 13, 2009: it still works well, no problems.