Ati Audio MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array
Ati Audio MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array

MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array, Other Cable/Connector from Ati Audio.

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moosers 02/07/2011

Ati Audio MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array : moosers's user review


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The ATI MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array is a unique device that is designed for boosting mic or line inputs up +24 db's. It consists of eight channels and the ability to use each in whatever fashion you'd like, whether it's for mic, line, or otherwise level matching. We've got one at the studio where I work and it's always hooked up with our console to balance out our converters. It's always running and working for us as I've never had to do anything at all to it. Every once in a while it will have to be calibrated, but that mostly has to do with the converters more than anything else. Since I haven't actually set up an ATI MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array myself, I don't know much about it's make up and really just know how it functions in our studio setting. Having said this, there's a ton of different ways you can use the ATI MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array and I'd check out a full description of the product to get a better idea of everything it can do for you. This is definitely a professional piece of gear as something like this isn't going to be necessary in a professional studio unless you've got something that really needs it. It's not cheap, so this is why I say to check it out only if you really need it, and home studio owners should be able to get by without needing it for anything. The ATI MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array is strictly a utility device and does it's work without needing anything. If you think you need it, this should be the one you check out as I can't say I know any others like it and it seems to be a mainstay for us in the professional studio environment I work in. If you do need a multi amplifier array, definitely do a good amount of research being choosing one...