Monster Cable Micro Standard 100 Xlr/xlr 6m
Monster Cable Micro Standard 100 Xlr/xlr 6m

Cable Micro Standard 100 Xlr/xlr 6m, Other Cable/Connector from Monster.

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JackLudden 08/12/2008

Monster Cable Micro Standard 100 Xlr/xlr 6m : JackLudden's user review


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I have been using Monster cabling for about 5 years. I'm writing this review to talk about Monster audio cables in general. The two biggest names in audio cable right now seem to be Mogami and Monster. Both are quite pricey - Mogami being more expensive. I have used a lot of different types of cabling, and I can tell you right now they do make a difference. Cheap generic cable is tempting because a quality Monster cable is easily 3 times as much money. However, buyer beware because you get what you pay for. Monster cable is very low noise - it's very effective at shielding.

If sound quality is critical such as in a studio, you want all of your connections to be producing as little noise as possible. That's why you want to get a low noise cable like Monster. In addition to the benefits of sonic clarity, they are also extremely durable. A lot of cheaper cables will break and fray at the connection points. However Monster's design makes them very resistant to this kind of wear. What's more - all of their cables are lifetime guaranteed. It is as simple as bringing a cable to your local music store and picking up a new one, should it fail. I had one cable for 5 years - it eventually did wear due to such heavy use, but it was quickly and simply replaced for free.

With a cheaper generic cable, you can expect to be continuously replacing them. Due to all these factors, it is definitely worth investing in Monster cabling. They pay for themselves easily when compared to going with generic. Mogami cabling is even pricier than Monster - but honestly I couldn't hear much of a difference, so I feel Monster is a better value. Unless something better and cheaper comes out - I will continue to buy Monster for all my cabling.