Zalman Fan Mate 2
Zalman Fan Mate 2

Fan Mate 2, Computer Keyboard from Zalman.

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Poussin du Ciel 06/14/2006

Zalman Fan Mate 2 : Poussin du Ciel's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
- I use the Fan Mate 2 for several weeks.

- There is not much to say on it, it's just a potentiomtre with a button that tooouuurrrnnne! It is used to control the speed of a fan or CPU Casing (but gaffe this use, the more you decrease over a heater).
It trs good job provided it is not too demanding: 5v to a minimum and 12 max.
GNR no noise by changing the speed and durability for a pledge of the fans compared to rhobus.
As against what he is fat! Better to have space to stick more in her tower! In this regard, self-adhsiifs sout supplied with double-sided. Plus he is ugly ... :-D

- This is the only universal potentiomtre I know and I've tried.

- The report qualitprix: super bad! Too expensive for what it is! And yet I had one of the cheapest rates on the net (3.50). The fan mate back quite expensive when you want more CONTRL ventilos!
But it is THE REFERENCE in the Contents, srement also because it is the only in this area ... lol Srement which explains also its excessive price.

- With the exprience, I would do without this choice as any other hsiter potentiomtre same or be cheaper than any other solution will do much for this award to calm his computer while ventilation / extraction a minimum. 5v because it lowers the noise Whereas ventilos. But again gaffe, it is better to use it for ventilos of Casing only or heating trs bit processor based or cooled by a rad effective.
Finally, it is not always effective forcment bring his computer with 4 fans but the situation changes with a potentiomtre 5v. In Manir gnrale the perfs of ventilos forcment Reduces both, it is better to shield! In addition, the ventilation / extraction of a tower of four dte ventilos as always better than 2 ventilos and noise of GNR 4 ventilos in infrieur 5v 12v 2 in both enjoy!