Atari 1040 STF
Atari 1040 STF

1040 STF, Other Computer from Atari.

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pk16 12/17/2006

Atari 1040 STF : pk16's user review


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Tutorial: Transfer files from a floppy disk by Atari and PC:
Atari to PC seemed to me a big hassle (émulation. .. etc) .... And this is the tutorial simplifies everything, even the process ... A big thank you to the author!
PS: Direct formatting a floppy disk 1.44 MB 720 KB is possible under WIN98 and well recognized by the atari 1040STE.

Transferring midi files from an Atari and PC:
In fact, the problem was to copy the MIDI data from the disk to the HDD of the PC. I simply connect the MIDI OUT of the atari to the MIDI In of the PC sound card. Registration: reading Atari Cubase and recording with adjustable tempo same for two sequencers. The MIDI cubase obtained is reduced to a starting position and then explodes (explodes the container function). Easier than the floppy.