Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 500

Amiga 500, Other Computer from Commodore.

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Amigalynx 12/28/2004

Commodore Amiga 500 : Amigalynx's user review


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Amiga 500!
Popular version and slightly improved the Amiga 1000: a bomb.
A multitasking operating system (but still quite unstable)
And above all a hardware tearing everything from colors and resolutions incredible supersonic sprites.
And some audio revolutionary nothing to do with the "beep" of PC and much better than the Atari ST and consoles of the time: the chip can read any audio sample until 30 kHz / 8 bits . In fact, the music of the best Amiga games are very interesting from an artistic point of view: no "beep" ridiculous, it sounds beautiful. Little imitation of real instruments, or little resemblance beautiful electronic instruments. And not much style techno. Varying styles of pop, rock, even classical, jazz, or whatnot ... brief non-electronic styles but with electronic sounds!

In fact, the Amiga can boast:
-To be the first computer to have a part of its "modern"
-To be the first machine to have had a quality game music
-And have a very specific style of music in his games (and other compositions): This e blatantly, but not shocking at all: it's beautiful, it's "in" - or was, but it's not kitsch!

The side of the stage demo (among other ) you will find even more variety, including many techno styles quite diverse. For better or for worse - there is so composed! But here, you will need a good reader, for example for the Amiga, DeliTracker (search on Aminet ( ) ) to put on disk, launch from the Workbench (+ start a game that sucks ..) or PC, its successor DeliPlayer ( ), can play an impressive number of audio formats and mods.

But D-Js who want to have fun with the sounds of old ordis interested first in the CPC, C-64, and other equipment to oldskool sounds good ... But there's more power in the Amiga - and personality anyway! It comes, it is already perhaps?

Frankly, gamers, music lovers, music lovers gamers, (re) discover the Amiga 500!