Commodore Amiga 1200
Commodore Amiga 1200

Amiga 1200, Other Computer from Commodore.

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James... 02/26/2012

Commodore Amiga 1200 : James...'s user review

« Budget but good »

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Polyphony? I work on Octamed 6 running 8 parts at the same time. Some interesting filters and some interesting sampler quealities in Octamed 6. Of course, it can have a midi implementation. Octamed 6 is much better and intuitive than Logic and Cubase VST.

Choose FMSynth (as its name says is an Amiga FM superb-synth program). Its pianos are similar to dx7 ones. No velocity, but very good effects on it. Octamed has some good filters and a bit more. But Oktalyser is real-superb. This program occupies less than 200 kb and it has a really good real sampler that can make as many fractions as you want of your samples, add reverb, add delays, define the delay level,how many times will the delay repeat the initial sound. If you are into Amiga programming, you can make even more interesting things. I and a friend have programmed a new version of Oktalyser that we have called Otalyser FM. It's similar to Oktalyser, but it has an improved FM-FX section. The effects on the sample are based in eight algorythms that we can mix in the way we like or make a route through them in some order that we can program. This mean that one algorythm define the kind of effect first launched (within 122 different FX), the second defines the first variable in the effect (ie, the tempo in the delay effect), the third defines the second variable of the FX... And we can save a sample with that FX-algorythm settings and then apply more FX once saved. We can in practise add the 122 FX at the same time to only one sample. And it only occupies 216 kb! Try it with a PC.

I'm using the classic workbench 1.3 rom. 256 kb gives you a easiest OS for a computer than hundreds of mb of MS Windows. It launches much faster and is by very far much simple to use. I use it with many programs and teh specifications of my great thing are this: Motorola MC68000 ECS set 1 Mb expanded ram no hard drive no midi sequencing just 1 floppy disk unity for saving your work it has plugged in an autoconfigurable sampler Boring? Hej! Let me finish my explanation! The sounds are simply great! depending on the program you manage, you can get korgs, moog or analog rolands in a second. I'll say mor in the expressiveness part.