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Yannou le Jacky 02/13/2005

Cort A5 : Yannou le Jacky's user review


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5 string active bass
Made in Korea
Wood: Saddle / african wenge
Channel crossing
Channel 24 frets
Profile handle: the back end and flat
Two Bartolini MK1 pickups
Electronqiue active Bartolini MK1
Bridge EB12
Mcaniques Hipshot
Rglages: volume / pickup balance / bass / medium / treble / EQ switch on-off
Low team excellently well for the price. Bass with equipment and equivalents worth CHARACTERISTICS sometimes twice in other brands.


The handle is very enjoyable and gives a good natural playing position for the wrist. It is rather late, rather flat and the back. Totally opposite a handle type warwick, is more of a handle rapprohce fender. CHAC is very easy to acute. The strings are rather pardre space that makes a little game speed, but can easily slapper on all strings. As against this makes the handle a bit wide for smaller hands, but with a little used to it entrainnement widely.

The shape of the bass is GND ergonomic microphones very well placed to play with the thumb on the pickups. The bass is very well glament balance and did not switch the cot holding the handle, rcurent problem on bass 5 string res when the body is small (and rather Gnant to play).

This bass is a little heavy, however, which is tiring for the back after several hours of repeating, or concerts, especially if you tend strongly to move on stage. Better Avoi your back muscle. But this is only the weight of the good against wooden utiliss this low, and that weight is still below the low warwick.

The violin is an excellent bill and competes easily with the low made in United States. Impossible to guess that this is a violin Coren.


This bass is very versatile. The qualisaiton as very effective, it is possible to play virtually with the otut. You can spend a lot of the typical jazz mediums, a metal osn no very bright and very low in medium, to dub her a big greasy, full of sub bass, and also a sound enough to circle the rock.

All these sounds are accessible just by the utilsiant lectronqiue the bass if the amp is versatile and used fairly transparent.
I play this bass on a Hartke stack consists of: HA3500 + + 410BXL 115BXL, also with a preamp behringer bass vamp pro.

This low level its a very enjoyable tone in the mids. This stamp is discreet lightweight allowing it to Integrates perfectly, whatever the style or the other instruments.

Bartolini microphones are really very very effective. They really OTN potato if we play near the bridge on the bridge pickup, and give cete configuration in a very dynamic attack for free style funk, or mediator. In the neck position gives a more rounded rocks, that captures the personality of the best bass. These microphones are also devilishly prcis, and make good all extremmement petitsbruits fret fingers slip. This allows you to play bass with modern techniques such as tapping, harmonics, ...


I use this for a little absse plsu two months now, and I am always fully satisfied. Even if I have a little hsit before choosing this low (especially with the brands warwick / Mayones / schecter), I finally took the bass and do not regret any of my my acchat.
In hindsight I would remake the same choice as this bass is exactly what I was looking for:
Low-qualitbr />-ease of play
-Good sound

Bought for 850 with hard flight case. (About 750-800 only)

The ratio quality price is very very good. There are few brands offer such low prices in these (I only know schecter Mayones and who do good also lower the price), and for the same Features and quality must often turn to low more expensive.
Certainly for those looking for a particular grain of low, prcis a stamp, a very strong personality that low may not be the IDAL. It is best to Torun towards Warwick / fender / musicman / or bass luthier. The Cort is a very good bass, excelling versatile musicians wanting to play all styles.
I play with a lot of metal, and it is perfect but follows as well when I envio to play other styles.
But it was still on or modern styles of play techinque (slap, tapping, ...) that this low is doing better.