Dean Guitars Brian Bromberg Signature B2 - 5
Dean Guitars Brian Bromberg Signature B2 - 5

Brian Bromberg Signature B2 - 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Dean Guitars.

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linn134 08/21/2006

Dean Guitars Brian Bromberg Signature B2 - 5 : linn134's user review


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Brian Bromberg Signature B ² 5 (5 strings)
Two versions exist, one American and one Korean.
Mine is a Korean (the U.S. is only available on request).

24 frets, 2 active pickups JB at the bridge piezo + + active electronics.
Solid bridge with piezo pickups.

Volume neck pickup and bridge pickup volume (MOP concentric)
Piezo volume independent.
EQ active bass and treble concentric (cut - cran neutral - boost)
EQ active medium separate
Switch one piezo / mic blend peizo + / microphones only
Master Volume
2 9V batteries in conventional housing with the back door clip.

Touch wood: Rosewood
Wood Body: Ash, flamed maple top
Neck-through Maple

Question characteristics can hardly do more.


The handle is terrible rather flat, moderately wide for a 5 string, well finished and easy. As crossing the sustain is present.

Access to acute remarkable (see photo), the horns are truly perfect. The game is fantastic fingers, slap the password itself.

Exceptional ergonomics in fact. This is the comfort.

To get a good sound it is not even necessary to connect it. When empty, it already sounds superbly. Once connected, on my amp Ibanez SW20 training example, the total delirium. It should be a generous number of electronics and knobs, but by testing a little, the sound is there.


I am crazy about this bass. I was a little scalded by my old Ibanez, but I am reconciled to the SI! At the time I was not disciplined enough to spend hours daily on it ... now I rediscovered the pleasure of spending long hours on a 5-string bass.

The handle is wide enough to not tangle slapper fingers. It could have been a bit more actually, but it's very good.

Perfectly suited to rock, jazz, fusion etc. ... it's just a matter of strength of the sound.

Mediums are truly sublime, why this bass is a gem.
In the studio sound engineer friend, I was able to test recording. He was amazed by the quality of the mediums he had never seen as full as singing.

We go from absolute clean, crystal clean, to a more bold with no problem. But the B ² 5 is not a low "roots". It is not for the dirty. Advantage, it can sound dirty if necessary, while it is impossible to crstallin the sound of a low "roots"!

I am particularly adept fingers of the game, walking, sweep, ride ... and it is a delight. The bass is present but never invasive, treble and midrange spin sing.

It is not yet perfect but it will be very close.

The slap is as a letter in the mail. Be careful with the enormous dynamic of active pickups preamp doubled: it sends dry and must be accurate in the game and the settings of the knobs.


In recent months it is mine.
I am pleased to chauqe time I played.
It's a constant discovery of sounds, inspiration ...
I was suspicious like the plague models "signature" catch-known to fans a little suckers blireaux. This B ² 5 does not fall into the trap of low-like * without giving the sound. This is the top, even for Korean manufacturing.

This is one of the only low where I get the sound I want every time and for each type of game

For the price of a Fender U.S. mid-range (between 1000 and 1400 euros in Europe) there are many more and of incomparable quality.
The Bartolini pickups are designed according to the demands of Brian Bromberg. Dean has taken on their own and the piezo device adds a grain remarkable acoustics.

It's pure happiness. I would do this choice with his eyes closed!