Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass Satin V
Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass Satin V

Modern Player Jazz Bass Satin V, 5+ string bass guitar from Fender in the Modern Player Jazz Bass series.

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Johndevandt 12/29/2015

Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass Satin V : Johndevandt's user review

« Mind-blowing !!!! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Hi all, I'm here to give you my review on the 5-string Fender MP... I'm back to playing the 5-string but more as a secondary bass beside my awesome '89 Precision Plus...
I tried to gather information on this Chinese-made Fender where I live, and was often directed towards the 5-string Ibanez Sr 505, more or less in the same price range: fine, it seems either no one knows or wants to talk about the Modern Player...

I delayed my purchase and finally found one at a shop I knew. And it literally blew my mind - and no, this wasn't due to the shop's amp I tried it on. The Fender sound is here - a big, really heavy sound!!!

Perfect finish, two humbuckers , a five-position switch, the instrument was well set-up but I wanted more and asked for a setting more adapted to my fingers, which the shopkeeper arranged on the spot for me - enhancing my playing accuracy. I finally bought the bass and I'm totally crazy about it! Frankly, a real Fender for this price with such a finish is not something you'd want to miss!! To be bought with blind faith - well, as long as you're not deaf.