Hervé Prudent Lutherie Basse 5 cordes
Hervé Prudent Lutherie Basse 5 cordes

Basse 5 cordes, 5+ string bass guitar from Hervé Prudent Lutherie.

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lysanxia 09/28/2013

Hervé Prudent Lutherie Basse 5 cordes : lysanxia's user review

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Made in France.
The violin is well designed and thoughtful.
Channel crossing, excellent sustain, micro Barto sy expresses a clear, balanced and jazzy.
The position of the fingers is purely games great on the neck pickup, very expressive in terms of the strength of support fingers to compare a JazzBass here it grooves on the neck pickup, less on the pickup as a Jazzbass would .
Only flat, adjusting the strings very close race as some people like to do Fbass such suits him.
The position of the two games splittant allows other possibilities of sound.
nothing to do with the pre amp or Sadowsky Bartolini, c is closer to FBass.


Very nice round, narrower than the Yamaha TRB5 models, more than ESP models and some Ibanez, it depends what you play and how after ...
Very long handle (26 cases) and 100% accessibility!
The sound is on it, no need to look for hours.
Not very heavy for a 5 string. Easy to play standing.


Clear and crystalline, not clearly defined in a conventional style, may well go from jazz to rock, bossa to reggae, from metal to funk.
But to compare a Music Man Bongo, which is carved into the fonk, a Ken Smith to a jazz sound or a good typed Warwick metal, its three types of bass more oriented sounds in their discipline, which explains their lack of versatility. In short, it is a choice.
Mark Bass / EBS: Overall very precise, clean clear and addictive.


All other models I tried did not have m take as my foot, except those of certain Capelli (Yvan Rougny type) and some Roscoe SKB. Wholesale, m need at least 3.
If it has a Fender Jazzbass 4C and more that my Ernie Ball MusicMan Sterling in 4C. But we must find 5C and opportunity ...
I would do this choice without hesitation.