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MGR/2Deep 09/09/2005

Ibanez BTB1006E : MGR/2Deep's user review

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Bass player
5 yrs.
Alt/Contemp.Christian Band & also church worship band

jazz, alt, rock, classical, gospel, I like it all at times

Got it on Ebay for $611.00. I couldn't believe the price. I've wanted one of these for a looong time. It was worth twice the price.

The feel and playability are fantastic. The B string on this is the best I've ever played. Clear well defined tones with no muddiness and the electronics are quiet.

Fretboard widens just a bit too much beyond the 19th fret or so. It's not bad, but if I was custom building I'd spec it so it ended up about 1/4 in. narrower at the 24th fret.

construction is rock solid, neck joint is tight, fretwork A+, well crafted & beautiful bass

I've wanted one of these for a long time and I don't regret getting this one!

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