Ibanez BTB405QM
Ibanez BTB405QM

BTB405QM, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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Poet 06/23/2006

Ibanez BTB405QM : Poet's user review


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See config trsdtaille below.
The strings are a real Elexis rgal!


The handle is enjoyable, fairly flat, may be too large for some hands. The balance is low, with size and shape quite impressive. This causes a small loss of the instrument nervosa and weight consquent, but ct massive and close to the body gives you the feeling of having a "quiet force" the turn of the coup (trs reassuring).

I really like the body of this bass, both in appearance gnral by the wood of the table, beautiful (for the price!) (I wanted blue six strings, but n 'silent no longer available in Japan ...)

The knobs are of high efficiency and alter the sound of a Manir decision. It is quite difficult to get the sound for you (very subjective), but offers rich sound palette (may be too)


I play both the pop than the brutal death ...

If you watched the Eurovision, you will recognize this bass MODEL 4 strings in the hands of bassist winner ... "Lordi" ... It is true that it is impressive!

I use a combo or a Bassman 400Pro Hartke 5500 with HCV410. In two cases, the sound suits me well.

For the record, I go directly to a amek DMCL, and ... I still can not find the words ... we take the RVer is recorded in a big studio, the sound is prcis fairly pais. However, it lacks a little something indfinissable (probably from the mics Ibanez ...)


I use this bass for 1 year. I have a SR 800 must be aged 15 and SR 905 with a neck-through. I also used a Tune bass, an Epiphone and a Cort Artisan A5 (not me, the three ...).

I do it again no problem this choice, especially for the price-quality ratio! (I will push on even MODELS BTB1005 if the table had the same appearance as this one, which is not possible because of the handle driver ...)