Ibanez BTB405QM
Ibanez BTB405QM

BTB405QM, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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Nekra 06/28/2005

Ibanez BTB405QM : Nekra's user review


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Made Core (South prsume I)
5-string bass, 24 frets.
- Pickups MB5 + DXP-DXP-MN
- Vari-mid 3B Equaliser
- Nickel hardware satinbr /> - Basswood body and walnut table Saddle
- Table Saddle marbrbr /> - Rosewood
Two colors available: orange or black said "transaparent" (a kind of purple ...)
Original string: Elixir
My only complaint: the choice of colors is wide ...


The handle is enjoyable to play trs, trs soft fingers fit perfectly. But it is really trs large (and the strings are really trs grazed, which makes the game difficult THE FIRST grip, but it's a 5 string, be aware that the one wants ...)
CHAC is the acute plutt ais but remember that there are 24 cases ... so much space in the notes to the end of the shaft or before dernire dernire notes are sometimes difficult obtain.
The shape is rather pretty, not too much be aggressive. The weight is well plutt left, the bass will not switch to a cot or the other (as long as the maintenance sr good ... but it does not tange forward or to the 'rear into play). Its weight is suitable, it is neither heavy nor lgre (I confess to having met dj bass lgres) sincrement then there is not too careful of all cot it contains the qualities as softness ...
The desired sound is easily obtained, even on low it found an adjustable gnral, bass, treble, middle and another setting rather complex gre frquences the averages (middle ), a rglage trs interesting sometimes to even get her a "wah wah".

Note: This low-9V battery operated that it can change (very simple change, you must unscrew and replace the batteries derrire ...), I admit to being surprised silent the very first time : in fact I got a very bad sound, a "ptait" ...


With this bass I caught t ... tonemment get clean sounds I get 60s or type of fat sounds like metal. My amp is a Hartke kickback 12, I play in a group mtal (Style In Flames) and punk / rock (Green Day style) and in all cases to get a near-perfect and trs ... large in this area is almost the irrprochable for a bass this price (I bought mine 640 ...). It also apprcieras strings, trs enjoyable offering a sound base metal instead (with the settings you can do disappear of course ...) I really enjoyed it.


J'utilse the BTB405q since December 2004 and I'm really Fully satisfied with my purchase!
I really like the rglage frquences middle, which offers varieties of pleasure. Personally I really like the form ca, neither too traditional nor too weird. The only criticism I could make would be at the colors ... mine is orange and the other choices and a kind of purple (we like it or not ...) we could have esprer of more ...
I have tried various 5-string bass before I buy a gsr 205, a corte C5q and aurra a brand that I can not remember but it rained 800 silent, personally it's me the ibanez sduit more, she's really sweet trs use (it's awesome, I did not find it in other models tests)
The price quality ratio is very well. To display a low around 600 euros, you get a premium product with a sound and a finish more than satifaisante. A real happy that price!
I do not regret my choice at all. I confess to not having compared the masses with other brands, but the first time I have in store over jou t sduit.

In short a good product which we trs trs attaches quickly, you now know what's left to do ...

NB: for the overall opinion, I'm happy to average 3 ratings ... we will not reproach me for "cheating" ... if I had really put my mind, I obt for 10 (sentimental value ...)