Ibanez BTB556MP
Ibanez BTB556MP

BTB556MP, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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MiKanux 01/12/2006

Ibanez BTB556MP : MiKanux's user review


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Same as funkdafield;)


This is a low trs enjoyable to play, with easy access to acute, the weight does me absolutely no drang (but it is true that I have a rather imposing stature) that a I find beautiful finish, the handle is a rgal, all views, easy, fast, beauty (the key landmarks are great I think) on his research long enough to find, but Once you get used to the knobs, we will significantly faster;)


I was looking for a bass with his aggressive enough and big potato sound approximating the sound myung, I've found! it is perfectly adapted to the metal, large and bold in his heavy cold and aggressive sound, once you get up in the knobs, you can access a wide range, even if I think this one is clearly on metal, I find myself perfectly, turning a knob will really affect the sound ...

Note: the strings are Elixir SERIES can be for something in sound;)


I did that for two months, but every time I turn I take a new pleasure, this is a low rgal play.
The number of buttons may seem EXAGRES, but it really helps to find the sound you.
C'tait the first six-string I was playing, she bewitched After a few minutes, I do not really regret this choice.
For a bass this price (I paid just over 700euros with a wide leather strap not to feel too much weight) I really have no complaints, just me sduit, and while I continue to sduire in this low!