Ibanez BTB556MP
Ibanez BTB556MP

BTB556MP, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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Funkdafied 07/09/2005

Ibanez BTB556MP : Funkdafied's user review


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Has this bass made in Korea

It has 23 freight (24 per floor and do)

The bridge has individual saddles

The rglages are: Volume, Balance, Mdium paramtrique three bands (two knobs), Grave, Agu

The handle is screwed. The finish is irrprochable. The wood is satin and shows the species of wood (mahogany, saddle)


The handle is enjoyable, a real highway
CHAC is to agu ais
Ergonomics is good, weight is a little felt.
It stings a little nose in the sitting position if we loose the handle. Otherwise it is a good low balance, and when we play it up is one with me
The sound is really INTERESTED, we obtain a wide range of sound (Alain Caron through Marcus and many others)

It should grind a little to get the sound rglages dsirmais when it was a fact.


The sounds suit all styles of music
You can have one for his roots reggae by boosting the bass, have a funk sound, ect ....
It is mandatory to an amp with a dot HP 15 "If that happens quietly serious.
The prampli send serious power and it's not for dplaire


I use it recently and I think rditerai APRS
APRS trying TRB low as 1006 and others which are worth twice the price this one, I t enjoyable surprised by the report of this qualitprix low.
She did not envy some bass.
A board will try it you will see you will not be due

[edit 09/07/2005]
It's been over two months that I am satisfied
It's beautiful trs violin, the sound is to go and fun too
I never tire of watching the play, and to distill all the infra sound
It MRIT well 10/10
That's not all, but his name is