Ibanez BTB605
Ibanez BTB605

BTB605, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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melancoliasolist 06/26/2007

Ibanez BTB605 : melancoliasolist's user review


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Korean manufacturing more than correct
23 cargo ropes for Si-Mi-La-Re and 24 for G and C

chvalet bridge has independent
5 adjustable drive knob (volume-balance low - medium and boost bass and treble)

ibanez neck then typed highway is rosewood handle portion 3 screwed


The neck is super nice but a little off is a good six string must not be forgotten!

each access to acute and comfort of his very good ibanez c so there should be little possibility of a speeder ...

certainly present weight is rather low compared to the standard six string, in fact, surprising

It's nice to know that the potentiometer possess a midpoint which is not the case with all brands ...

sound neutral base that easily adjusted, you just have a typed or very jazz bass funk slap and send to death or play good metal vieu much fat while going on with this!


I invested in this bass to record my demo on my part so I wanted a versatile and very comfortable playing the progressive ca does CARREMENT

I play on a different amp but multi effects Boss GT-6 for some more tinkering (wha, chorus ...)
I use a relatively dug in his medium for a slamming her if there must be a lead boost the bass I rebalance the medium's history


I use it since March and I love this instrument, versatile worth quite a competitor two to three highest price

I have a 6 string peavey in very beautiful but also little concern for balance, not adjusted when I received so little playable!

value for money is the strength of the low and the choice I would do if I could but this time the prestige series just to see!