Ibanez SR406
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MGR/Brandondork 01/20/2003

Ibanez SR406 : MGR/Brandondork's user review

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It was 2 weeks after the New Year, and a buddy of mine and I were at Guitar Center. I was looking, but not to buy. Then I hear "Dude!" I see her (kinda shining there in holiness) I pick her up, played alitte. But what got me stuck was the price! $325 dollars! An Ibanez 6 string bass-never used, for #325! She became mine.

Made of a good sold oak, she's perfectly made to ride the palm of your hand. In looks wise, she classy but with a rock attitude. Jet black from top to bottom, flaws don't really excist on this bass.

You do got be more aware of a big bass moving around. I mean c'mon it's 6 strings! It's bulky, but you get use to it.

Ibanez makes great quality products. So far so good.

The deal of the centery. No one has placed this model on the review board yet. I feel kinda lucky about her. It still brings a tear to my eye.

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