Ibanez SR505
Ibanez SR505

SR505, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

Mr. Low 01/31/2013

Ibanez SR505 : Mr. Low's user review

«  Perfect when you change the strings! »

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This 5-string bass is made in Indonesia.
Mahogany body, maple neck and buttons.
24 frets on all strings.
2 active pickups Bartolini MK1.
One volume knob, one balance knob pickups, 3-band EQ with frequency switch medium.
Strings provided: Elixir.

Overall quality of the gear, but I take a point for the strings (the lining of Elixir fray quickly. Suddenly, change strings after 3 months).


The handle is very appreciated for its maneuverability: narrow end.
This means, for narrow against the strings are very close to each other. Also, although I do not practice this technique, I think for the slap is not ideal. on the other hand, for the game to fingers is a highway!

The ergonomics of the instrument is very good. It weighs about 500g less than my Squier Precision 4 strings! In addition, the head is light enough not to unbalance the port low, which makes it very enjoyable to play, and my back thank him.

The 3-band EQ, combined with the switch medium and micro scale, allows a variety of settings pretty amazing. Therefore, finding a good sound is a matter of taste.
Certainly, maple keys make the sound more slamming, and therefore less suitable for those seeking a well-rounded and voluptuous, but with a few adjustments, it can be done.


Sounds pretty slamming (see above) are really rock or fusion of sound I like.

Adept fingers of the game, but amateur percussive sounds in the midrange, I find it quite in my account settings intrument. The equalizer medium, with the switch frequency is unparalleled comfort.

I play without any effect on head amp Ashdown Little Bastard 30 (made in China), with a body in Ashdown 2x12 amp also. On it, a second three-band equalizer allows you to refine my sound, but this is another story ...


I use it for a year and apart from changing strings, no problem, always the same pleasure to play with.
Among my three basses, it is she who will remain as long as my hands!

The PLUS forever playing comfort (lightness, balance, neck width).

LEAST: Elixir strings provided.

Price / quality ratio: good, but provide an extension for the purchase of a set of strings (Me, I put Ernie Ball, and it's been 9 months since I played with: impeccable!)

In short, no regrets in purchasing this instrument.