Ibanez SR645
Ibanez SR645

SR645, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

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Alive2000 01/27/2009

Ibanez SR645 : Alive2000's user review


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This Japanese made bass is one of the nicest instruments I own. The two octave, 24 fret, thirty-four inch scale neck is perfect for the low end in your band. With two active DX5 pickups, you're sure to get quality sound from all five strings. The Accu-Cast B25 bridge has never given me problems, and is very easy to work with if you ever break a string.

The knobs are pretty straightforward, with a volume, low, mid and high knob congregated around the bottom of the bass. The neck is the standard issue Soundgear neck, adapted for five strings. This is a model they start painting the necks for. It provides great playability, and looks fantastic.


The painted neck allows for a smooth play regardless of anything else. This is one thing that drew me to this bass: It just FEELS good to play.
There is supremely easy access to the top notes, and I often go there, so I know. I'm a guitar player first, and show it in my bass playing when I go much further than the bass normally would go.
The only thing more ergonomic in terms of basses that Ibanez makes may just be the Ergodyne bass they make. All the edges are rounded, and really comfortable for these basses, which is a blessing to beginners, and a godsend for experienced players and their wrists.

I have always been able to find a good sound with my Soundgear and my Hartke.


The bass doesn't necessarily fit with the style of music I play. I just hate having to tune down to D on the E string, and the low B facilitates such a configuration.

I use my Hartke 1410, and occasionally a Digitech effects processor, and usually have great results.

I can easily get a powerful, and heavy bass tone from this as well as soft and flowing bass tones from this as well. And you're able to do it without a single touch of the knobs on the amp

The sounds I get that I don't like I avoid anyway. I can't quite place them, but I don't usually encounter them, so it's okay.


I have been using this bass since the summer of 2001, and though I would love to have a four string bass, I wouldn't dream of trading this in.

The only thing I don't like about the bass is the color, but as I got it used, I can't be too pick. It plays like a dream, and it's mine, so what do I have to complain about?

I will admit that I did shop around quite a bit, but this bass came into the store, and before they even put it on the floor, I told the salesman that i had to have it that day. It would've been worth every penny had it been new, and I'd definitely re-buy it given the chance and the disposable income.