Ibanez SR885
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Tibo1987 05/07/2007

Ibanez SR885 : Tibo1987's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
SR 885 Made in Japan
24 frets, double micro ADX5
Active Electronics
Equalizer has two double buttons 3-band semiparamtrique
Severe Acute + + + Mdium Mdium Paramtrique
Micro Balance, Volume
Channel vissbr /> Mcaniques oil bath

We have a knob over AIM prcis (with a longer stroke) for quializer mdium.


Used for 4 years, playing Rock, Funk and Fusion purchase in perfect state. Very good violin, handle very fine and enjoyable, round end for 5-string (which is an advantage and a inconvnient following your style of play). Mcaniques prcises good and stable. Verni not super strong or else it is I who follows a pig, but I do Russi jump around the playing jack in chairs with armrests.
=> Good violin, enjoyable, easy to play, not particularly heavy, very good instrument of this cot l.

I put 10 of the handle for comfort Top


Cot's, Ibanez's, so its a not too serious personality SI is not too bad Dfine (beware SETTING THE height of the bridge that goes much play on the precision and prsence SI). Nice round sound a little jazz neck pickup, the more and more aggressive mdium easel. The qualizer is useful for bass solos, I personally pushing hautsmdiums cruncher has just the amp is very good. So its okay, but for the price do not expect a mass murder either, it does its job without making miracles. Used in many if only one style does not look SOUND of death (or that have a small budget).

I put 6 because a is not the bass of the big brands much more expensive.


Used for 4 years. I love its versatility and LUTHERIE above.

I tried a few basses before aqurir by jou against since I have on many low diffrent, and I can say now that the report quality price is right.

With the budget I had the era I would do without hsiter this choice, it made me great service. If you can save more opt for a musicman or Jazzbass USA, or any bass with more characters.

I think a few years I'll invest in a more powerful and more expensive, but I will keep this instrument in the second low.