Ibanez SRX305
Ibanez SRX305

SRX305, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SRX series.

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benj53940 11/20/2008

Ibanez SRX305 : benj53940's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Okay I will not repeat all his but we do see it as ab other reviews, very full indeed.
-Good point for the bridge really tough, made his pro gear unlike the easels that can be found on more expensive lines that resemble the folds tle.
-Good for the head, why make heads bigger.
-Good for the position of the microphones.


Super round, not too pais for a five string, as in low beginner I find it quite accessible for my little fingers all flanges percussionist. Good thing there is a very low nerva on this is that it distorts very highly on the fifth pass the 5th string 6th fret (yes it is very ch * ***), also pass the 12th fret can not touch the 5th string (not too serious all fawn is very wrong and over who plays this part of the sleeve? ).
Edit: after a string change for pulling a little more leves in 5th string, more problem.
Otherwise CASC to treble is very simple (unless you have the guts to go to the kro good) and finally c funny enough to spend his entire line of 12 boxes to the right.
Electronic level is nickel knobs have a small boost repre, below we have a passive bass with attnuation treble or bass, above which there is a low growing buttocks and particulirement juicy bottom.

I put 9 for the 5th string which is good but false mchamment should be normal on a 5 string.
Edit: I is not 10 because nothing is perfect, but it's really very pleasant to play on


Well I play with everything in rock, I boost the bass and treble can be the next song, say it is a true nickel for what I did. Jazz by the cons rglages any change at all following the song, nice little bass line in passive bass and treble at noon at 9am, a true bass, treble and bass has a 3 o'clock are perfect for beef, a can sunny and so on. POLIVALENT I said.
I play on three amps DIFFERENT: A Torque 100W (but not top ratrape by his power), an Ibanez 60W (it is perfect in the passive mode to play bass) and a Hartke 30W (niquel in my room and as for the Torque Pramper). The sound provided by the bass is clean and level varied little s'ammuser it has to saturate the amplifiers and cruncher.
The pickups are well penss (we love the corner rognier to ask the shoot), attention has to be careful they do not rust (yes it bizard), we regret the cot naziard the bridge pickup has a high level.
To slap you forget it's not done, we can make it real good but you should know about poper aim for the right string and move the index finger between the strings.


Her make two years to 25 December that I have this bass is my first bass to me. From the world of perceived, I may regret for the possibility of slap but hey that's not his m'empche to do. Very good versatile ultra low PSE and I my words. I wanted to make my world *** ch by choosing a 5cordes but ultimately this is not a configuration dsagrable, you just do it and plus its fast of disagreement with his bass middle of a concert to achieve the R.
I have not tried a max of models before but I tried 4cordes version of this bass and a few others in the same range taken. Viewed in these tests, I care.
For the curious, it is mounted with DR Black Beauty (the happiness).
Super qualitprix report is bluffing mostly that it is finite. I think I would do is choice if i was or has the era but now I expect a good opportunity for me to find another bass more upscale.

Edit: Well Soon, three years with this bass and you say, I'm still a fan of the ratio Q / P. Mount with new strings, I rediscover and I finally did not ruin my fingers when I try to slap with. For the higher-end bass is gonna wait a bit (one can only mow students drooling, not buy). Sailing Sailing is a confirmation of what I described above, this is a really good bass.