Ibanez SRX505
Ibanez SRX505

SRX505, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SRX series.

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Adriouin 04/26/2006

Ibanez SRX505 : Adriouin's user review


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All told adj t (see Opinion Previous)


The neck is super fast, not wide, access to acute trs is good, this bass is beautiful, it is also lgre my Jazz Bass is not too heavy and is well balance . For sound, we find what we want in a shot knob!


This bass sound I was looking for a well know deep well for heavy play metal, it remains versatile nanmoins trs that enjoyable surprise me! Couple with my Big Muff and my Sansamp Tech 21 Bass Driver is a killer! I love her very heavy and the slap sound is terrible but sounds softer ballads to cruise for girls it is equally the case lol!

I really like tos sounds of this low


I ordered it in January 2006 but it is sometimes beginners in March! It is the only BMOL! Before I was on another Ibanez jou (btb 555) is also a good low rev but the SRX 505 I prfr (weight, heavier, "look") I also have a Fender Jazz Bass cmpltent they found a good compromise!

The seller sold it to me only 450 euros (nearly 100 euros rduction!) So that the price I am happy trs, moreover hat Meaux Music Studio!

Exprience with this choice I would do without hsitation!

I put 8 for two months waiting ...