Neuser Courage 5
Neuser Courage 5

Courage 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Neuser.

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Ingmar 04/28/2006

Neuser Courage 5 : Ingmar's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Neuser factory in Slovakia ... in association with an operator of the Finnish wood that gre ct commercial of the thing.

Mcanique Schaller, absolutely gnial custom bridge, neck-7pices touches bne 24 frets, 2 pickups Neuser (no SECRTS, made by Bartolini), EBS electronic thunder, r balance adjuster of microphones, the signal always remaining at the same level regardless of the position of the scale, volume, bass + - effective (80Hz I think). Then a final potentionmtre + switch is used to boost the treble (slappeurs crazy, you'll love it) or cut mdium ... ca original but lends itself well to live after all.

On mine the body is Ash Birdseye with a sunburst finish trsrussie.

The only downside to such a low price: no strap locks.


The handle is unusual: the radius of the smallest key is at the top of the handle, but it's super enjoyable to play, even with my big paws!

The body shape is IDAL, great balance, a comfortable standing or sitting playing perfect, the body is hollowed out the rear (shaping), even a large container passes comfortably. I love this body even if I prfre Aesthetics my Alembic Series 2: p

The high end is the Neuser Cloudburst, but I find some beautiful despite an implementation most prestigious. The look and comfort of Courage make a great choice I think.


The sound is ultra-bluffing, you can boost the treble levels DLIR and breathless, and yet I know what I mean, I play on a tweeter with a trs Fafner/EBS410 nervous. For comparison, my T-bass and my Alembic blow much compares Neuser.
Flat sound found the modern Jazz-Bass, trs punchy but can be a little more hollow than a Fender, but you touch the EQ ds, mama-mia!

My T-bass is on the shelf for now, as superb makgr violin, his sound can not hold a candle to the Courage.


I have only been two months, they remain hard to find and cost-even when expensive, the retail price is around 2800, but they are a little less when they are found.

The quality-price ratio is excellent I think AC is a slap in the face a lot of other luthiers prestigious violin making is the quality of low amricaine 5000-6000 dollars at least, even ct of my Alembic 20000 it does not blush. In addition it provides a small grain sound friendly.

I would do without the choice problem, in fact I am trying to order a custom 4-string ... ;)