Peavey Cirrus 5 BXP
Peavey Cirrus 5 BXP

Cirrus 5 BXP, 5+ string bass guitar from Peavey in the Cirrus series.

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Lucasz 11/21/2006

Peavey Cirrus 5 BXP : Lucasz's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
So here:

-5 Strings, dark wood table, natural
-Pitch of 35 \ "
Run-through design
Two-microphone active Peavey VLF
Active three-band equalizer, with boost / cut + / - 10 dB
-Black hardware
Easel-independent string bridges traversing
Pau ferro-Touch
Hand-oiled neck
Rod-setting run double.

Level of quality and price, approximately € 550, not bad at all.
The violin is very well done, the finish is very good.
The quality is good pickups, electronics is no better. I think at this level, it is better to put his money into the microphones in a preamp that will "boost" a sound way.

For knobs:


- With a bass with boost / cut + / - 10 dB.
- With a medium with boost / cut + / - 10 dB.
- Acute with a boost / cut + / - 10 dB.
- Volume 1
- A balance between the pickups.


The handle is nice, but long, long compared to a fender jazz bass.
I find it a bit too thick.
Access to acute is very simple, it has open access to the 24th box.
Ergonomics standard, the big problem is that the bass does not fall on your stomach. It must be shifted to the left to be in a comfortable position to place his little belly in the space provided. It is rather problematic in practice.
Sound level, nothing complicated. We know very quickly that we should not push the gain too "low". If it grows in depth, it gives a distorted sound snoring.

I put 6 for not very good ergonomics.


I play Rock and I went out with. Blues fans will be conquered.
I play on an Ashdown ABM 300 EVO with a 4 * 10 and 1 * 15 of the same brand. I use a Small Stone, Ashdown bass drive more and equalizer boss geb-7.
With all it works well. ;-)

I get better sound through the electronics level 0 (neutral)


I use it for 6 months. In the end, I like the violin is very good, a perfect look for the price. The sound is good! I recall that in this price range, it is not expected to have a sound American to 2000 € ...
I try a few models and I'm tempted by a very good value for money.
With experience, I would do the same but I would buy the same model but passive.
The handle is nice compared to the tree trunks of some competitors. Ergonomics is a bad thing.
Finally, the mail is not necessary for me, I play on a high end amplifier and powerful. On a small amp 100w or less, the gain of the bass may be significant.