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MGR/ARCH 02/24/2002

Peavey Fury VI : MGR/ARCH's user review

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I picked up this bass at a Chicago area guitar shop during one of their "private perferred customer sales" about a year and a half ago. It was used and sold for only $99. I had been looking around for months for my first bass and couldn't find any deals and desided that this was the best for me.

This bass has the FASTEST fret board around. It also has 21 frets which is good cause i play alot of songs that require those extra frets. The P-style pickup is gorgous. The tone this bad-boy boasts is unreal and is comperable to basses that are much, much more. The bridge is very solid and compliments the bass perfectly.

The down side is the tuning knobs. I've read other reviews that have had the same problem. Even though it really doesn't affect the sound when run through an amp, it's still a lousy design. But it's an easy part to replace for only $30-40. The only other problem I had was the volume and tone controls came loose on me. But I fix that with a simple guitar tool and haven't had any problems since.

Like I said, the tuning knobs aren't very good. But beyond that, it's a very sturdy bass. The finish has taken a really beating from my wild playing techniques. Overall a very solid axe.

If you can find one of these, I would strongly suggest picking it up. Especially if it's your first bass. There's nothing like a great USA made bass. It has amazing tone, compliments of it's alnico P-style pickups. I play everything with influences from Adam Clayton to Bootsy Collins to Stephan Lesard. This is the ultimate all around bass!

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