Rees Electric Guitars 5Bass

5Bass, 5+ string bass guitar from Rees Electric Guitars.

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Rees Releases New 5Bass Electric Bass

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Rees Electric Guitars has announced the release of the 5Bass, which as its name suggests is a 5-string electric bass.

According to the manufacturer, the Rees 5Bass is made in Cambridge, England, and uses 5 individual string bridges and new pickups designed specifically for 5 string basses by Seymour Duncan.

The five single string bridges are screwed right through the body from the back, providing solid strong connection between tonewood and each string, resulting in a fine tone and long sustain. Each string can be mounted from the tail end of its bridge, or any string can be mounted by inserting it through the body from the back of the guitar. Through-body string mounting provides an alternative tone that is extra punchy and bright with aggressive sharp attack. Each string's bridge is adjustable for height and intonation.

The neck, made mostly of hard maple, has a double truss-rod and well as two internal steel reinforcement bars. This provides the strength and stiffness needed to get down to low notes without tone-killing neck wobble.

The pickups are a matched pair of Seymour Duncan's new Passive Phase II NYC Soapbars. These are an original 5-string development, not an extended 4-string design. The two coils and ten poles of each pickup were designed to provide a wide range of voices without the inconvenience of batteries. Each pickup alone has a switched choice of a humbucker voice, a dual-coil voice or a single-coil voice, so that players can use one, or the other, or both pickups to go from bright punchy bridge to full smooth neck pickups. The out-of-phase switch allows for a funky voice with both pickups, which is especially useful for multi-string bass chords.

  • 5 string, 34 inch scale, bass guitar.
  • 5 individual string bridges.
  • 5 in-line tuners.
  • Humbucker/dual-coil/single-coil voice modes.
  • Korina hardwood body.
  • Figured maple hardwood scratchplate.
  • Choice of wood colours and fretboard woods
  • Weight: 4.5 kg/10 lbs

Available now, the 5Bass is priced £935.
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