Schack Unique Basic 5
Schack Unique Basic 5

Unique Basic 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Schack.

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raph.bass 01/25/2012

Schack Unique Basic 5 : raph.bass's user review


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Made by the luthier Andy Schack in Germany.
Bubinga body, maple neck with ebony fingerboard.
The handle is not crossing or screwed. This is an adjustment invented by Schack.
24 frets + fret 0.
Jazz bass pickups Basstec.
The original e-mail is designed by Schack is a 3-band frequencies of each setting selectable 18V running.
I changed this to an electronic NOLL TCM3 under 18V too.
Schack and mechanical easel type ABM.


Handle very nice.
not very heavy (about 4kg) and very well balanced.
No problem to reach the high notes, no not for the low notes!
The sound is excellent.


I play many different styles, from jazz to metal through the disco and reggae.
This bass does it all.
The original pre-amp is a bomb! It sends severe.
However, I changed to a NOLL TCM3 sending much less power but is more transparent, a more gentle corrections and switches to passive.
It may as well get the sounds of traditional jazz bass passive sound-art and dug. Sounds boomy and sounds very mediums, it can really do anything.


I had a multitude of bass of all kinds. This one is very well placed!
It is very enjoyable to play, has a very clean and efficient adjustments making it a perfect tool for the studio.
It also has its place on stage thanks to its lightness, balance and always sound.
This is a new low 2500eur worth, it's expensive!
We are rarely used on top of that because they are not produced by series of instruments, but by hand.
We crossed from time to time around the 1300eur. If you find a hand I would urge to jump on it!